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Many Uses, Powerful, and Lightweight
The 1000 Watt Puresine Solar Generator portable power supply from Nature Power can handle a large variety of tasks and uses. Whether you are camping, using it around the house for DIY projects, or have a power outage, this is the perfect solution for your home. 

The composite resin lightweight case allows you to carry this powerhouse everywhere with ease. It includes the solar MPPT charging system that can add up to 300 watts of solar for quick charging using the power of the sun. 

Reliability and Quality Portable Power Supply


  • 1000 watt puresine output
  • Surge power of 2000 watts
  • Powers most appliances including medical equipment
  • 4 x 110 volt AC plugs
  • DC outlet
  • Multiple high-speed USB and USB-C outputs
  • Lightweight with minimal discharge


Battery Capacity: 21700 Lithium ion / 2200 Wh
AC Output: 4x110V / 50-60 Hz
AC Output Power: 1000W/Rate Power, 2000W/Peak
AC Output Duration: 100W≈270min / 500W≈30min
Battery Voltage: 12.6V Max
Lifecycle: 1000 times
AC Charger Input Voltage: 110V
Output waveform: Puresine wave
USB: 4 x 5V/2A,
USB-C: 2 x 5V/2A
AC Charger: 12.6V / 10A ≈ 21h
Vehicle Charging: 12V / 8A ≈ 22h
Solar Charging: 18V / 10A ≈ 22h
Protection: Over current / over charge / over discharge / short circuit protection

Warranty from Nature Power Products:

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Nature Power Products honors 24 month (2 year) warranty on the generator. In the rare occasion that you do find a problem with an item, we will resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Send us an email at or call/text us at 731-251-4727 so we can resolve the issue immediately.
  • 5 year warranty power generation on solar panel

Like Nature Power Products we at the Portable Power Supply Store value reliability, quality, and our customers!

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